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Tulsi Plant Essay Question


Essay on Tulsi Plant - 300 Words Tulsi is a biconvulsant and a medicinal and medicinal plant. Tulsi plant is 1 to 3 feet high and its leaves are of green or purple aura and are 1 to 2 inches long. On this, the flowers come in pink or purple heart shaped cycles in the rainy season.

Tulsi Plant Essay Question

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Medicinal Essay On Plant Tulsi. 3. Syn Ocimum tenuiflorum L. Tulsi may help in quitting smoking. It's been harvested for use in Ayurvedic treatments for 5,000 years and has a strong aroma and a flavor that can range from peppery to astringent Find an answer to your question ESSAY ON TULSI IN SANSKRIT 1. Tulsi’s extracts are used in ayurvedic remedies for common colds, headaches, stomach.

Tulsi Plant Essay Question

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Tulsi is the most auspicious plant worshipped by Hindus. Known as Basil in English it has a lot of therapeutic uses also. 2. Tulsi is regarded as an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and is used for the worship of the male Hindu deities.

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The tulsi plant also known as “ basil “is very common plant in Indian Households.It is the most sacred of all the herbs found in India.It has benn used in India from more then 5000 years and is well known for its healing properties on mind,body and soul.The tulsi plant is also known as Ocimum tenuiflorum.The plant is widely popular in south Asian countries.

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Cultural Importance: Tulsi is the sacred plant dearer to the Lord Vishnu. Tulsi symbolises purity. It is considered as the holy plant in the Indian Subcontinent. Tulsi got its name from Tulasi Devi, who was one of Lord Krishna's eternal consorts. In India people grow Tulsi as the religious plant and worship it. Its leaves are used in temples for the worship purposes and also on the several.

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My favourite herb: Tulsi The one plant that you are guaranteed to find in my home is Tulsi, which is Sanskrit for Holy Basil. In fact, you will find the Tulsi plant in many Indian homes, as it is considered to be an auspicious plant that brings health, wealth, and prosperity.


There are three different strains of tulsi. Rama tulsi has green leaves, Krishna tulsi has purple leaves, and the third, Vana tulsi, is a wild variety. There is a great deal of variety in the size and coloring of these plants depending upon geography, rainfall and plant type.

Without a doubt, Tulsi is one of the most popular plants among Hindus, and like other traditions within Hinduism, it is held in high regard in Vaishnava tradition as well. The Tulsi plant can be found growing in highly-raised pots and grove bushes all throughout India, Nepal, and even in parts of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.


Tulsi plant is an annual herb that lives for a span of one year. It grows to a short height. The botanical name of this medicinal plants is Ocimum sanctum. It is worshiped as a holy plant and kept in many households and gardens. This plant is also called as Basil. It is a part of alternative medicine and can be found in many Ayurveda preparations. The parts of tulsi that are medicinally useful.

Tulsi Plant Essay Question

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Move Tulsi plant indoors in the winter if you live below USDA zone 10, place the plant near a bright sunny window, where the temperature is kept above 50 F (10 C). Move the plant again outside after all the dangers of frost are passed. Pests and Diseases. It is generally pests and diseases free. However, when grown in poor conditions it might be attacked by some common pests like mealy bugs.

Tulsi Plant Essay Question

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Tulsi Plant Essay Question

The Legend and Spiritual Significance of Tulsi Vivah.

The esoteric importance: Tulasi as lila-shakti (the pastime energy of the Supreme Lord) is a division of sandhini-shakti (the all-encompasing unifying energy that is the basis of everything). Sandhini-shakti itself is one of the three principal energies of the Lord: sat-cit-ananda. Tulasi as Vrinda-devi grants one entrance into the ashta-kaliya-lila or the intimate pastimes of Krishna.

Tulsi Plant Essay Question

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Tulsi plant B: This Tulsi plant has been watered by His Holiness Dr. Athavale, a Saint above the 90% spiritual level. The spiritual level of a person can only be ascertained through the medium of an advanced sixth sense. However to study the effect of the Tulsi plant on the environment, SSRF used two biofield imaging machines which are Resonant Field Imaging (RIF) and Polycontrast Interference.

Tulsi Plant Essay Question

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Tulsi Vivah is an important pooja, where the tulsi plant is married to a shaligram that represents Lord Maha Vishnu. This year, the festival will be celebrated on 9 November 2019. If we look at the tulsi plant from a medical point of view, we would realize that it truly deserves all the accolades and it indeed deserves to be treated as a goddess.

Tulsi Plant Essay Question

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